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Our vision is to be a Thriving Consulting Company serving as the Preferred Employer and Partner in the planning, design, land surveying, and civil construction industry.

Gaskins Surveying and LeCraw Engineering leadership have maintained a solid personal and professional relationship dating back to the early 2000s. Over the ensuing years, many lofty discussions were had exploring combining forces to create a nimble, yet powerful multi-disciplinary practice. Vision became reality in December of 2021 with the merger of Gaskins + LeCraw. Collectively, our senior design staff has well over [200] years of public and private project experience in over [24] states and have touched major projects throughout the region, from [Callaway Gardens to the Country Music Hall of Fame].

Gaskins + LeCraw staff share common goals that, as separate entities and now one, make us the go-to partner for the region’s top-tier construction companies, developers, and municipalities. With every project, we strive to build lasting client relationships. A strong work ethic, honesty, and a commitment to our clients and fellow practirelationships are the foundation for every assignment. Our projects are partnerships of mutual trust and respect.


Gaskins + LeCraw is an integrated design practice built on a solid foundation of logical and technical expertise. We are pleased with the success we found and today serve as trusted partners to our clients in the following market sectors.


Our leadership team regularly communicates and models the firm’s core values resulting in a culture that embraces collaboration, communication and service. By investing in and developing our people, we believe we sow seeds of the spiritual fruit that positively impact our company, industry and community for years to come. We prepare Gaskins + LeCraw employees see challenges as opportunities, not obstacles. Experience, knowledge, and faith in our proven processes creates an energy of cooperation and sets the stage for success.


Gaskins + LeCraw nurtures and rewards growth on both a personal and professional level. Our employees are continually encouraged to increase their professional skills and to develop personal skills that lead to career-long success. We have a core belief that having self-awareness and intentionally demonstrating responsiveness in working on growth opportunities results in healthy people and relationships.


We have a deep-rooted foundation in good ol’ fashioned work ethic. Our employees take responsibility for tasks, projects, and deadlines much more than the typical “clock in, clock out” mindset. Excellence is always the goal, no matter the project. We inspire our people to take pride in delivering only their very best work.


We want to make sure our clients understand they are our priority. We strive to make sure they are more than just satisfied with the work we provide. Good relationships, systems, and communication ensure success along the way, and a continued partnership for the long term.


We always encourage our employees to strive to be better as professionals and as members of their communities. Continuous improvement makes us the best we can be for our clients, our families, and, ultimately, for ourselves. We ask each employee to aspire to develop hearts that are self-aware, responsive, and for others.

The Gaskins + LeCraw team has consistently added real value to the RaceTrac new store development program in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. We consider their firm a strategic partner of ours, as they deliver high quality development advice, are nimble and responsive when we really need them to be, and are willing to take on new initiatives and challenges for us. The latter fact is especially what makes the partnership so strategic. Involving external resources in emerging opportunities requires a high level of trust. Their team have earned that trust time and again.

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