Navigating the City of Atlanta Permitting Process with Gaskins + LeCraw

As a firm that offers Entitlements services, Gaskins + LeCraw understands the challenges that can arise throughout the permitting process in the City of Atlanta. Christian Olteanu, who joined our team in January of 2023, has an extensive background in this area. In this article, he outlines some of the challenges one might face when applying for a permit and the skills he acquired in his involvement with the City of Atlanta Office of Zoning and Development. His experience and expertise, combined with the efforts of the rest of our talented staff, make Gaskins + LeCraw a preferred partner in the Entitlements field

Christian worked at the City of Atlanta for over 15 years before joining Gaskins + LeCraw. He started as an urban planner and eventually held the position of Assistant Director in the Department of City Planning — Office of Zoning and Development. His background is incredibly beneficial for helping our clients navigate the permitting process

The procedure might be challenging for someone unfamiliar with the organization. Christian notes that the City of Atlanta employs thousands of people to facilitate the process, so the system can be complex and somewhat cumbersome. The intricacies and variety of regulations can be overwhelming, and it might be difficult to understand the organization of the process due to the number of channels one must utilize. The ability to recall and adhere to multiple regulations and strategically navigate the process takes a lot of time and effort to acquire

Aside from the technical aspects of permitting, there are many cases in which your application may undergo additional review processes by Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) and/or the Design/Development Review Committees. The NPUs are the official avenue for providing input on proposed development plans and to address the needs of each neighborhood, as well as to receive updates from City government. The Design/Development Review Committees are advisory committees that make formal recommendations to the Office of Zoning and Development on all Special Administrative Permit (SAP) Applications within certain zoning districts. As you can imagine, these additional reviews can make the permitting process much more challenging.

Fortunately, Christian’s experience working at the City of Atlanta has provided Gaskins + LeCraw with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to make the process easier. Our Entitlements team has a complete and thorough understanding of the system. We are able to envision the big picture, then use our perception to go through the correct channels. Christian’s extensive knowledge of codes, ordinances, and laws, as well as his community outreach experience gained by working with multiple NPUs, ensures that our clients will be provided with quick, expert service. He has also developed multiple strong professional relationships with a variety of departments and offices. Additionally, Gaskins + LeCraw offers services outside of Entitlements, such as Builder Services, Civil Engineering Design, Land Surveying, and Land Planning. These team members’ insight and experience allows us to hold an in-depth perspective of the process

To learn more about Gaskins + LeCraw’s experience and knowledge in the City of Atlanta permitting process, visit the Entitlements page on our website or contact Christian at (678) 546-8100 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

OneStreet has worked with Gaskins + LeCraw for over 8 eight years, having completed several multifamily developments together within that time frame. They always provide a team-oriented and problem-solving attitude during the life cycle of our projects.

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