Campus + Land Planning

Experienced as both client and consultant, our team is able to dream big and yet deliver solutions that address client and stakeholder needs within realistic time-frames and established budgets.

Gaskins + LeCraw's campus and land planning team understands that land is a precious, finite resource and therefore believes its inherent value must be maximized to the fullest potential for the good of the owner, community, and the environment. Whether a college, university, medical campus, innovation district, industrial complex, mixed-use residential community, downtown, or park, our team brings the experience and expertise needed to balance often competing interests and needs of each while creating aesthetically pleasing and healthy living environments. Our planners begin with the end in mind and understand a successful collaboration that translates vision into reality begins with actively listening and engaging with clients and stakeholders in virtual or physical workshop setting where ideas can be explored, evaluated, and a clear direction established. In this way, ownership of the resultant product is shared by those who matter most: the user.

Campus + Land Planning Expertise

  • Physical Analysis (Regional to Site Scale)
  • Sustainability Scans and Design
  • Framework Plans
  • Green Infrastructure Plans
  • Comprehensive Campus/Community Plans
  • Design Guidelines
  • Facilities Plans
  • Site Suitability and Feasibility Studies
  • District/Neighborhood Level Plans
  • Public Engagement Strategy/Workshops
The Gaskins + LeCraw team has consistently added real value to the RaceTrac new store development program in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. We consider their firm a strategic partner of ours, as they deliver high quality development advice, are nimble and responsive when we really need them to be, and are willing to take on new initiatives and challenges for us. The latter fact is especially what makes the partnership so strategic. Involving external resources in emerging opportunities requires a high level of trust. Their team have earned that trust time and again.

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